Board of Directors

Jillian Lewis

Meet co-founder, Jillian, who has a has a passion for science and education. Her policing background allows her to leverage her unique experience to help bring the HPASC to life!


Elyse Critchlow

Meet co-founder, Elyse, who has a has a passion for the hospitality industry and not-for-profit endeavours. Her background in strategic philanthropy is an important asset as HPASC becomes a reality!

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Becky Nauta

Becky is a Perth County local that has a passion for supporting her community. With a strong background in hospitality and business, she is excited to provide an educational space for families.

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Barry Crean

Barry brings vast experience with large organizations - including the Ontario Science Centre - and capital fundraising campaigns. His skills will contribute to building the HPASC and innovative education opportunities.

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Brad Chandler

Brad is a strong member of the local business community. In addition, he is an advocate for rural communities and has a passion for the agriculture sector. Brad's advocacy efforts will be critical to the development of the HPASC.

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Rachel Suffern

Rachel was born and raised in Perth County - she has a distinct interest in the development and resilience of rural communities. Her background in public administration and rural planning will be an asset as the HPASC comes to life.

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Mary Foote

Mary is a local community member that has experience in providing hands-on learning experiences. Her passion for volunteer pursuits will be a positive addition to the HPASC.

Dave Bray_edited.png

Dave Bray

Dave brings significant knowledge from his experience working at OMAFRA for over 30 years. His passion and ongoing volunteer work related to rural and agricultural communities will bring significant contributions to the HPASC.

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Kevin Reesor

Kevin is a resident of Perth County and brings a wealth of financial knowledge related to large scale agricultural projects. His professional skills and volunteer experience will assist in leading this project to fruition.

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Jessica Kelly

Jessica is a local agriculture producer, advocate and community member. Her robust knowledge of the agriculture sector will be a significant contribution to HPASC and exhibit development.

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Sue Knowlton

Sue is a retired educator and brings significant knowledge as it relates to creating engaging content for students. Her tangible teaching experience will be a strong asset for the board.

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Steve Dolson

Steve brings a wealth of agriculture knowledge and volunteer pursuits that exemplify his passion for agriculture and rural communities. This experience will be an important asset for the HPASC.

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Ainsley LeBlanc

Ainsley is a local producer and student studying agriculture. Her hands-on experience in the ag sector combined with an educational background in agriculture will bring a tangible 'learning' perspective to the Board. This will prove to be extremely important when creating exhibits and leveraging the HPASC as an educational asset.